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The Kidnap Fiction at Midnight ♫ In The Cloud ♪ I'm not Sorry, I don't like U A simple life Mr. Black The Butterfly The Darkest Sun

The truth will be revealed, the final enemy of the organisation, Daddy, has a face. Now they have the clues necessary to make up a plan and get rid of that person at once.

But… would it be that easy? What If the enemy wasn’t someone easy to beat by the simple reason that It’d also bring unhappiness?

Kikwang, Doojoon and the rest of the members of The Darkness’ Eyes will need to help Nabi to reach the right decision.

Give up vs. Keep on until the end?

A short but intense chapter which leads the plot to the main action. 

Finally, The Countess, Gain, and Sera will face each other and only one of them would come out safe and sound from the encounter.

Meanwhile, Doojoon and the rest will try to find out what happened to George and the reason why Sera left the house suddenly.

Things get more complicated as Howl gets closer to his goal: Turn Sera into his next Queen in his chess set.

Doojoon and Sera clear out some misunderstandings between them. But they will share more than what they really intended.

Sometimes, wine is the best medicine.

Find out what happened between these two after the left the dinner room with a fuming Countess on The Darkest Sun's latest chapter in BEAST in Fiction.

After Howl and Sera's meeting, will she come out unscathed? What would Doojoon do? Would there be an encounter between the two deadly enemies?

Also, Sera beings to find it hard to fight her instincts and Doojoon's behaviour doesn't help at all. Is there a way for these two to improve their relationship?

Sure there’s a way…

Find what happens in the latest and thrilling update for… The Darkest Sun, Doojoon as the main lead.

Finally Kikwang gets to know what is the story behind Doojoon and Dongwoon and which role Kyu Won played in it.

And It seems It made something change within himself.

What might had happened for Kikwang's feelings to have such a twist? Will the calmness in the The Darkess Eyes organization last long?

Check it on the latest update for… The Butterfly, Kikwang as main lead.


Well, you might heard it yesterday from Admin Lydia. But here again. Admin Donna and Admin Sheila are going to leave us in August (For more information, please read HERE)

So, we Admin I.Ris and Admin Lydia are looking for interested B2uties to join our family!

If you are interested you can…

diarylicious says: Hi! Love your tumblr! I need a favor. As a B2UTY, would you mind do me a favor? If you don't mind, can you post a message to your wall asking a help from your followers to keep on watching OFFICIAL GOOD LUCK MV as much as they can in order to help BEAST win the music show! (help to increase the sns points) Thank you very much if you do! B2UTIES& BEAST FOREVER LOVE.

Sure! (♥___♥)

Did you read it, right? I already know my b2utiful people is watching it every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every-… ok ok, just WATCH IT!!! 

I know a lot of you are waiting for the album to be mailed so, just enjoy the view of these amazing about these boys shaking their *cough* ass *cough* body!!!

Good… LUCK! ♪ Baby good luck to you~~~~ ♫

Anonymous says: Hi!! Don't know of your on a hiatus but can you update the vampire doojoon fanfic? Sorry, I forgot the name. Love your blog btw. Just hope you'll update more. Thanks!!

I’ll update more often from now on. My summer break just began so I’ll have more time to write ^^

And the name is ‘The Darkest Sun’.

Anonymous says: Hi!!! Are you on a hiatus?

No! :O 

I’m not. I didn’t update lately because of school but I have updated the two unfinished fanfincs (The Darkest Sun and The Butterfly) not long ago.

Definitely, not on a hiatus.

Our main lead Kyu Won always finds her own ways to get in trouble as she tries to be a good heroine in this thrilling adventure the secret organization ‘The Darkness’s Eyes' goes through. 

Would the sexy and intelligent agent Lee Kikwang be able to save her before she gets herself in dead end?

Find it out in the latest update for… The Butterfly.

More characters show up, some are friends, others are the worst foe you could ever meet.

Sera will find more clues about the puzzle her life became since the moment she met these creatures known as ‘vampires' and the moment she decided to stand on “the goods' side”.

But Doojoon doesn’t make her feel secure with her choice. What would Sera do?

Find it out on the latest update for The Darkest Sun.

Unexpected revelations make our main lead get into a dangerous situation and to lean on the person she less thought of as an ally. 

Sera finally chooses which side she has to stand on.


The messy no-lifer writer is back! :) Slowly things going back to normal ^^


As you see, I fell in the fantasy curse since Fiction at Midnight and I doubt I’ll be able to break the spell so here is The Darkest Sun. The tittle says it all: DARK. Expect rated scenes because of: smut, blood, violence, swearing… (nothing extreme).

But these who read me before, you know I dislike raw and too random things which doesn’t suit the plot so don’t be scared. And forget everything about other vampires stories, I’ll create a completely new concept of vampires for you so no werewolves or cutting heads.

I hope you like it and we both enjoy this journey.

Followlikecommet… and let’s the ride begin.

.☼ Welcome to The Darkest Sun .

 The PREVIEW and the 1st CHAPTER are up! CHECK IT NOW!

[NEW!!!] CHGAPTER 3 added!